Hello, I am a creative, dedicated and multidisciplinary Designer based in Tel Aviv, specialized in UX/UI Design.


2017 - 2019, Israel
Lead Product Designer
Wix Chat 

2015 - 2017 
CitrusByte, New York
Product Designer

Nov, 2015 - 2015 (8 months)
Moove-it, Uruguay
Lead UX Designer


2015 - 2014
WIX Israel, Tel Aviv
UI/UX Designer

2014 - 2012
TakeOff Media, Uruguay
Senior Web Designer

2012 - 2010
Hillel Foundation, Uruguay
Art Director

2010 - 2008
Tres Media Group, Uruguay
Graphic Designer

2008 - 2007
Freelance Designer


2008 - 2012 
Graphic Design Degree 
BIOS University - Montevideo, Uruguay

2014 - 2015 
Agile Training and Certification - Montevideo, Uruguay Connect with visitors using live chat. Instantly answer questions to increase sales and bookings.

Project: Ascend by Wix 
Role: Lead Product Designer
Year: 2018/19


Tasks App Create tasks, set due dates and receive notifications when tasks are due.

Project: Ascend by Wix 
Role: Lead Product Designer
Year: 2018/19


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More thoughts & work: 
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