November 20

How to create a FRONT END FRAMEWORK with Sketch

Some aspects to consider:

When we work with a big team of designers at the same time in the same project it is difficult to be aligned, and even more so when the project is an ecosystem of applications that must follow an aesthetic line and comply with certain guidelines that specify behaviors and interactions.

One of the ways that we can take to generate a “normalization” in the interface is to define a styleguide (thought from a 100% visual perspective) that helps the whole design team to avoid future changes, unnecessary work hours and increase productivity, allowing us to have a better focus on the behavior of components and interactions within the application.

A good style guide must be adopted by all the team members, such as developers, product owners, project managers and even the client, which will generate better communication and greater collaboration between them. To this “evolved” style guide, we call the Front End Framework (FEF).

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