Wix Tasks

Create tasks, set due dates and receive notifications when tasks are due. Link a task to a contact from your Contact list and mark your task as complete when you are done.

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Wix currently doesn’t offer a place for users to manage their ongoing tasks, so they use products outside of Wix. It’s one of the missing pieces for creating a whole management solution for our users.


The Intent

Users need a clear mind to focus on what really matters - Tasks & reminders will make it easier for them to achieve their goals faster and more effectively, and with that grow their business.

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The Process

When we first started working on this mobile product, we conducted users interviews to explore their needs. After some brainstorming and wireframing, we developed Wix Tasks.  An app that will enable our users to manage their business in one place.



I sketched countless ideas and brainstormed various possibilities with my product team and created low&high fidelity wireframes and prototypes to test. The outcome was three distinct views: task list, create a new task, assign a task (contact list) and reminders (due-date).

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Create a Task

You can update your task at any time, change the due date, who it is assigned to and change the description.


Final UI & Design System

The complex nature of the app necessitated more than 40 screens covering user on-boarding, Settings, Edit mode, and power user features like assign to contact. Here are some of the screens